We encourage the Padang & Co community to take full advantage of the brand guidelines, so long as they abide by the terms of each assets. When it comes to branding, we want to prevent confusion about which applications are made by Padang & Co, and which were made by friends and other third-parties. As such, we ask you to follow a few simple guidelines for your application.

Name Cards Order

When you want to order cards, accumulate to a minimum number of 10 boxes so we can get a preferential cost from the printer. Always make sure to order in advance. Order when you are down to your last box. We will not be able to do any rush prints from now on to ensure quality consistency. We will need a minimum of 3 - 5 working days.


To order your cards, indicate your name, no. of boxes and details (for new staff) or any change of details. Once we hit the minimum order, the person that hit the 10th box should write to our printer to order for everyone. 



Do not use the version in the link below – instead, duplicate a copy in your own drive.


You may either access the file via Google Drive or download a MS Word file.







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