To keep our brand in consistency, we would need your help to keep things together and tight. The Creative Services team have brought together a list of resources you can find here. From building your very own slide deck with the Master Template to finding professionally shot photos in-house from the Google Photo Library we have provided.

When in doubt, you know who to look for.

Centralised Resources (Drive)

Seek us if you’re unable to access certain files or dont see what you are looking for from here.


Master Template Deck

Please do not convert to powerpoint, keynote or other platforms. The current deck is designed solely for Google Slides. Converting would result in loss of fonts, format changes, etc. If you need a refresher on Mistakes Everyone Makes.


Do not use the version in the link below – instead, duplicate a copy in your own drive.

For the first 3 months (18 Mar 2020 – 18 Jun 2020), the creative team will have to review your deck before you send it out to maintain brand consistency. Do not send it out to clients before getting reviewed. If you've already started with the old template on an existing project, you do not have to port it over. Feel free to continue.


Please approach us if you have any questions, don't butcher the deck.


Google Photo Library

We have tons of photos from multiple events in the photo library. You can find photos easily with keyword search as we do tagging when we upload photos.


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