We ponder the big questions.

We have less than ten years to achieve the SDG targets. The Countdown to 2030 has begun. Let’s first make

SDG conversations commonplace. 

We have identified three verticals and two “horizontals” as our focus areas, because they are where we believe Open Innovation can most catalyse change and / or result in meaningful solutions.  


These are global challenges — and opportunities — that need many organisations and people to collaborate and solve.  Driving better outcomes requires experimentation and innovation across geographies and all parts of the supply chain. 


We want to ensure that we contribute positively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations adopted in 2015 with targets to be achieved by 2030.  Time is running out. With a projected population increase of 1 billion, feeding the world, for example, in a sustainable manner presents an enormous challenge.


Food & Agriculture


How might we feed 8.5 billion people by 2030?


Smarter Cities


How might our cities (and villages) be more inclusive and livable?



How might we empower everyone

to live a healthier life?



How might we grow businesses that thrive within planetary boundaries?

Data & AI


How might responsible data sharing spur innovation and power AI for good?





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