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Invite the world of startups to pitch solutions.

Every challenge is designed differently, but always with an eye on the outcome: often, a pilot with a selected startup(s).  First, we help you articulate the problem or opportunity to address.  We then draw on our regional knowledge and global networks to find and invite quality startups (early-stage and / or more mature ones) to participate in the challenge.


Compared to a Scout-Pilot project, a Challenge offers the opportunity to do a broader, more public outreach to many communities that relate to the opportunity.  Whilst we believe in a combination of physical events and digital to foster interactions between the problem owner (sponsoring corporation), other partners, and the startups, the entire Challenge process can be run virtually.  The co-creation continues into the pilot, so the process does not end on the Pitch Day.

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Reach communities regionally or globally to attract high-potential startups to propose creative solutions to your problem

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Change how you collaborate with new or existing corporate and ecosystem partners to solve big problems or develop new opportunities

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Co-create the use case with startups, and guide the development of solutions based on your business pain points and your customers’ needs

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Get to a real result:  a pilot with the startup(s) to  test the use case 


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Southeast Asia Open Innovation Challenge 2021

Enterprise Singapore; supported by EDB and IMDA

Global sourcing of solutions for a range of industries, for SEA companies: Apical, BCA, Muang Thai, Nongsa Digital Park, SCG, Sime Darby Property, Sunway, and TMG

Website logos V2_FIntech Challenge Vietnam 2019.png
Fintech Challenge Vietnam

State Bank of Vietnam and ADB (Asian Development Bank) Ventures, supported by commercial banks and a range of ecosystem partners


Global search for the best Fintech startups with solutions for digital banking transformation and financial inclusion in Vietnam, culminating in SBV’s annual Fintech Vietnam Forum

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PUB Global Innovation Challenge

Public Utilities Board

Global search for startups in water and adjacent industries for their sensors and monitoring, and automation and process control technologies

STB Tourism Innovation Challenges 

Singapore Tourism Board

Matchmaking between tech startups/SMEs and industry stakeholders to pilot new solutions

Padang website_Work_o3.png
O3 Challenge

Symphony Creative Solutions and NUS Enterprise

Global search for AI startups to address maritime challenges in scheduling reliability, dynamic pricing, and identification of high-risk vessels

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​Unilever Foundry
Startup Battles


Annual search (four years running) for the most promising startups in the region (the 2019 theme was New Retail) to pitch at the biggest tech showcase in Singapore, innovfest unbound 

If you'd like our help to run your own innovation challenge, get in touch!

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