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How might we grow businesses that thrive within planetary boundaries?

Sustainability is the foundation of everything we do at Padang & Co.  The cornerstone of our company was laid in 2012 at the first “UP Singapore” hackathon, where the fledgling tech ecosystem and the business community work together on solutions for a more liveable and sustainable Singapore. 


We adopt the United Nations (UN) definition for “sustainable development”: it is development that meets the needs of people today without compromising the needs of future generations. Supporting organisations drive their sustainability agendas to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is one of the most exciting and impactful areas of work for our company.

We work at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, where real impact occurs, and we focus on both environmental and business sustainability. Our view is that sustainability requires innovation, and if the product or business model is not sustainable, it is not innovation. Thus, our mission is helping businesses achieve sustainable growth. 

We need to reframe sustainability and learn to live with climate change -- from a threat to the opportunity it is.  This will unleash the much-needed energy to create solutions to better manage the environment for present and future generations.

We partner with and support these top organisations to create impact:

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Programme for A*STAR staff to accelerate their ideas into prototypes, tackling challenges in waste, plastics and energy.

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Deal Friday:
Water, Energy & Waste

Enterprise Singapore and Monetary Authority of Singapore

Facilitation for dealmaking between startups, investors and corporations.  Padang also presented a landscape in these Sustainability areas

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Asia Challenge

Rabobank and Rabo Foundation

Matchmaking between corporate partners -- ADM, Bayer, DSM, Olam and Temasek -- and startups with solutions for the sustainability and integrity in agri-food supply chains

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