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Incubate and hatch

the best ideas.

Like a Padang & Co acceleration programme, an incubation programme typically starts with corporate sponsorship and investment in the process -- from defining the problem or opportunity statements to mentoring the teams on the domain and the potential pilot and rollout within the organisation.  


We challenge the “intrapreneurs” to reimagine the way their business units do business or exploit new technologies.  They will experience an accelerated programme like what a startup founder will go through when building and validating a business value proposition and model.  If required, the entire incubation programme can be run virtually.


These intrapreneurs in turn become innovation champions who excite their colleagues and rally support for other innovation initiatives.  Through the process of supporting the development of ideas into solutions that the business can further invest in, you can discover how innovation can work for your corporation.

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GPM_Padang Website Icons_160320_Incubate

Leverage the most valuable asset of the organisation -- existing employees -- to build new products or ventures

Discover employees who are most enthusiastic about innovation and turn them into innovation champions within the organisation

Nurture the incubatees through mentoring by business leaders or external experts to ensure their ideas are relevant to the business

Get to a real result: create new IP, new products / services that can be tested, or new ventures that can be invested in


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LeapForGood 2018

Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE)

Innovation challenges and incubation programmes for social entrepreneurs to validate needs in senior care and develop sustainable business models

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Singtel Incubation Program


Internal innovation challenge and incubation programme to create new products and services and get support from business leaders to launch them

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MINDEF IoT Challenge

Ministry of Defence and Defence Science & Technology Agency

Innovation challenge that incorporated problem definition and Design Thinking training with MINDEF business units, as well as co-creation with external teams (startups) to develop pilots

If you'd like to turn your idea into an investable solution or business, get in touch!