Use a robust methodology that is tried and tested yet customisable to business needs, particularly in the startup curation

Discover startups that may even be under the radar and those tech builders from adjacent verticals, as we cover both breadth and depth

Get a curated list of startups that do not simply come from a database, but enhanced through our data collection that validates the problem-solution fit

Get the data and implementable insights to evaluate and select the most suited startup partner to implement the solution

SERVICES   |    Scout-Pilot

Find the best-fit startup to your problem.

First, we help you pinpoint the business problem to solve.  Drawing on our regional knowledge and global networks, we search for and evaluate qualified startups or scale-ups that could deliver an appropriate use case for that problem (or opportunity).  

Both the problem owner (business user in the sponsoring corporation) and the startup involved are taken through a well-defined process to deliver the win-win outcomes.  The entire Scout-Pilot process can be run virtually.  We understand the challenges faced by startups and what they need: access to the right partner to scale.


Social Commerce

Leading consumer goods company

Southeast landscape mapping and scouting for  startups in social commerce


Regional development bank

Global scouting for fintech solutions for an emerging market, Myanmar


Leading consumer goods company

Asia landscape mapping and scouting for logistics startups

Industry 4.0

Research institute

Southeast Asia scouting for startups with advanced manufacturing and industrial applications

Smart industrial systems

Global shipbuilding company

Global scouting for startups with industrial applications, particularly data / AI-driven solutions

Workplace safety

Leading global supplier of food and industrial products


Global scouting for computer vision startups for a particular critical safety scenario

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