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How might we

feed 8.5 billion people

by 2030?

With a projected population increase of nearly one billion in the decade leading to 2030, feeding the world in a sustainable manner is an enormous challenge.  Importantly, SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) has significant connections with many of the other goals, such as good health and wellbeing, responsible consumption and production and climate action.  

Of the 8.5 billion people, 720 million are Southeast Asia alone.  In this region, smallholder farmers contribute a large proportion of agricultural production. Essentially, they feed us. We can create a significant impact by giving these farmers access to technological tools, data, and knowledge about best practices. They also make up a large part of  the population. So, bridging these gaps is especially meaningful to us, as we can chip away at the problem and help farmers grow and prosper. 

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BSH Bright Science & Technology Innovati

We partner with and support these top organisations to create impact:

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Grow Asia Digital Learning Series


Padang & Co is partnering with Grow Asia to present the Digital Learning Series that brings together corporate leaders, AgriTech startups, and ecosystem enablers to discuss and learn about emerging technologies, as well as to uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers.

Learn more


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Grow Asia
Directory Showcase

Grow Asia, ADB Ventures, Bayer, Cargill, and Jollibee Group Foundation

Startup marketplace for programme partners and VCs, to address the challenge of data collection and insight delivery for smallholders

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Israel Singapore 
Agri-Food Exchange

Embassy of Israel in Singapore and Singapore Food Agency

Virtual conference connecting corporations, startups, investors, academia and government agencies from the two ecosystems

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Food Loss
Challenge Asia

Rabobank, supported by ADM, CP Foods, Olam, Temasek, and UPL

Innovation challenge to discover startups with solutions to significantly reduce food loss from farm to market in Asia

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not only exposed, but enlarged the cracks within our fragile food systems. In a climate characterised by frequent and rapid change, we have the opportunity to rethink our global food systems to be more sustainable and resilient. This piece explores how we can enable a more sustainable and resilient food system in terms of better supply, quality, and diversity, from farm to table.


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Despite the importance of smallholder farmers to the food supply chain, they are vulnerable to challenges on multiple fronts, all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece examines how supporting Smallholder AgriTech can solve these problems and help create better livelihoods for smallholders, stronger agribusinesses, a more resilient food supply chain, and safer, more nutritious food.

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