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Learn to innovate

like a startup.

We believe that innovation as a process can be taught.  However, the conditions for sustainable innovation are founded on a good mix of behaviours and more entrepreneurial mindsets of all those within the organisation.  


The objective of Padang & Co training programmes is to enable larger organisations to innovate like startups -- faster and in a more agile way.  Participants learn by doing, whether through internal workshops or hackathons, or working with startups or external talents from outside the organisation in an innovation challenge. 

These programmes can be conducted with participants working and collaborating remotely and using a suite of online tools.

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Promote culture change through driving digital transformation of not just business units, but also individuals

Deep-dive into business problems, explore technologies and new business models

Draw from the best of hands-on techniques like Design Thinking and Lean Startup

Become more innovation-ready -- particularly for industries that are inexperienced in working with outside-in innovation


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SATS Hackathon



Intrapreneurship programme to engage with young, high-potential executives to propose new products and services, whilst cultivating a culture of innovation

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NCSS Sector Design Challenge

National Council of Social Service


Programme to train participants from various People, Private and Public (3P) organisations to develop new solutions to address the needs in the social service sector

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Unilever Future Leaders League Hackathons


Programme to reach tech-savvy talents to learn new business and innovation skills, and consider Unilever as an employer of

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Zoom Start Business Challenge

Enterprise Singapore


Orientation programme for Management Associates to develop empathy for industry sectors and other skills that facilitate innovation through teamwork

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MSF I.D.E.A.Lsprint

Ministry of Social and Family Development


Programme to engage with staff from a range of business units to leverage Design Thinking skills to develop solutions they can own and implement


SingHealth Hackathon



Hackathons to engage SingHealth healthcare professionals to collaborate on patient and community care challenges

If you'd like your team to learn to think and innovate like a startup, get in touch!