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Champions for
Open Innovation 

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​We are always looking for talented people to join our team. We take interns all year round. If you think you have something special to contribute, write to us at:

(Call us old-fashioned, but we do love a good cover letter.)

Padang means green, open field in Malay. It is also the name of an important historical landmark in the heart of Singapore, our home base. We bring people and organisations together to solve problems and develop opportunities. We create the environments for their creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish.


The Padang & Co story started with Singapore’s first major public hackathon, UP Singapore, in 2012. That means in 2022, we celebrate ten years of Open Innovation in Singapore. UP Singapore grew to become Singapore's largest community of professional, talented and passionate citizens, who came together to tackle a wide range of urban challenges. Indeed, it was a movement to help make Singapore more liveable, competitive and sustainable.

Meet the Padang team!

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Adam A. Lyle,
Executive Chairman

Adam has combined a career in management consulting, change management and training with a passion for sustainable, purpose-driven business. He has worked with the private and public sectors to challenge and stimulate the way they develop and roll out strategy, including how they approach innovation in the creation and deployment of the products and services. 
Adam is a Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Padang & Co. He believes that enabling vibrant partnerships between Enterprise and Startups is a key pillar of the Future of Work and will drive a new wave of innovation and resilient ecosystems. This led Padang & Co to develop world-leading capabilities to enable Enterprises to get closer to and innovate faster with Startups, other Enterprises and Government partners.
Adam is originally from Australia. He has lived and worked extensively across Asia, including four years in Taiwan and the last 15 years in Singapore. His career has covered a broad range of industries, including banking, telecommunications, entertainment, and agriculture.

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Derrick Chiang,

Derrick is old enough to have started his career before he had a mobile phone.  Witnessing the growth of Digital – from the earliest days of e-commerce at Singapore Airlines in the early 2000s, and the explosion of social media in China in the latter part of that decade – Derrick has helped multinational corporations across Asia-Pacific transform how they interact with their customers and partners, and reach new markets through digital.  


He believes Open Innovation can do the same for corporations and government, importantly to drive sustainable growth and meet the global Sustainable Development Goals.  In the last nine years, he has been connecting corporations and government with startups and communities to address Southeast Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow.


Prior to Padang, he spent seven years in Shanghai and built a successful digital business with global marketing agency, Profero (now Lowe Profero).  He has also lived and worked in Sydney.  

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