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How might we

empower everyone to

live a healthier life? 

We want the best healthcare for all, but it must be accessible and affordable.  This will continue to be an important driver of success for all countries. The potential of technology to prevent, diagnose and treat disease and improve our health and wellbeing is poised to enter a new phase of dramatic growth.  


Advances in digital technology, including better video streaming and the miniaturisation of electronics, is changing the landscape in terms of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment on a tremendous scale.

This helps ensure everyone – not just patients – is proactively, adequately and continually evaluated.  


Smart use of technology and data will enable the deployment of more localised, even personalised solutions, only calling on the intervention of healthcare professionals when required.  Ultimately, it is not just innovation in technology that will provide improved outcomes, but the business models that deliver the solutions.

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BSH Bright Science & Technology Innovati

We partner with and support these top organisations to create impact:

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Healthcare Open Innovation Challenge

Enterprise Singapore, Ministry of Health, and National Health Innovation Centre, in collaboration with HMI, NHG, NUHS, SingHealth, and St Luke’s

Innovation challenge for startups to collaborate with the three healthcare clusters and other institutions to improve processes and patient engagement, and form a seamless care continuum

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CATALYST-AA Innovation Programme

Alumni Association, NUS, and JUMPstart

Incubation programme for clinicians and technologists to develop ideas into prototypes

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CSIRO Precision Health


Workshop to connect researchers from both countries to collaborate on data-driven food innovation for positive health outcomes

Relevant Articles


Digitalising Healthcare

We are curious about the impact the pandemic would have on the global healthcare sector and the consequent impact on the Southeast Asian ecosystem. This article will examine the role digitalisation has played in the healthcare space, specifically in relation to information sources, digital health experiences, and the role of data in a public health crisis.

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