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Deal Friday

Energy, Waste and Water


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Deal Friday is a platform for dealmaking opportunities between global startups, investors and corporates to maximise commercial success in forging investment deals, co-innovation opportunities and business partnerships. 

Padang & Co is proud to be the key organising partner for Deal Friday session on Waste, Water and Energy, a platform jointly organised by Enterprise Singapore and Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Padang & Co’s Executive Chairman, Adam A.Lyle, shared trends and notable startups in Energy, Waste and Water, and his thoughts on the implications for sustainable growth.

Thereafter, 10 promising startups pitched, namely: 


  • EverComm provides end-to-end energy management solutions for enterprises to enable manufacturers to reduce energy wastage 

  • Xnergy provides contactless charging for AGVs, robotics and EV applications. 

  • Qi Square provides simulation, modelling, machine learning and energy research services

  • Tablepointer turns existing equipment, of any brands, in F&B outlets into smart machines with energy conservation

  • Solar AI combines geospatial analysis with big data to provide virtual prospecting and assessment for distributed rooftop solar projects.

Waste and water

  • Alpha Grace Enviro-Tech (AGE) provides an alternative and disruptive option to replace traditional and chemical-based waste and water treatment

  • Hydroemission develops biodegradable controlled release technology for environmental applications, such as water treatment, waste treatment, agriculture, aquaculture, sanitation and pest control.

  • Liquinex produces compact suitcase-sized water treatment system using ceramic ultrafiltration and UV-LED disinfection for mobile deployment, primarily in disaster zones or remote communities.

  • Mempure produces an easy-to-manufacture, positively-charged hollow fibre nanofiltration membrane technology with high removal of hardness, heavy metals and bacteria for safe drinking water production.

  • Spic & Span produces a proprietary antibacterial coating that disinfects and protects surfaces for up to six months.

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