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The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series brings together corporate leaders, AgriTech startups and ecosystem enablers to discuss and learn about emerging technologies, as well as to uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers.

Grow Asia Digital Learning Series is jointly organised
by Padang & Co and Grow Asia.

The first session of 2020 is on Smallholder AgriTech Southeast Asia Landscape 2020. Adam Lyle, Executive Chairman of Padang Co was the keynote speaker and presented an overview of the trends and outlook of the sector.

He was joined by two guest speakers, Hemendra Mathur, Venture Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund and Hien Huynh, Co-founder, Talad. Hemendra shared an overview of Indian AgriTech and the key success factors which made it a strong and collaborative ecosystem. Hien shared about his startup journey in Thailand and his perspective of ecosystem support required by startups in the region.

It was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Nadia Soerjanto, Manager, Innovation, Grow Asia, on how we might accelerate the Smallholder AgriTech ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Download the Smallholder AgriTech SEA Landscape 2020 report

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