We create dynamic environments for the Future of Work and Innovation.

These are collaborative workspaces where people go to work, learn, network, or simply hang out; a point of positive collision of people, ideas, and new ways of working.  Each space is an ecosystem of its own, where some of the world’s biggest and most forward-thinking corporations connect and work with the best tech startups.


In that way, we challenge the traditional concept of workspaces -- and even redefining the relatively new concept of “coworking”. 


LEVEL3 and Bright Science & Tech Innovation Hub are examples of Padang & Co’s pioneering concept of Enterprise-led Coworking.  They are both home to the entrepreneurial spirit the respective companies are fostering and centres of innovation activities that energise the whole organisation to accelerate its digital transformation.  You will get a sense of the energy and the experimentation that is happening.

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