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The Southeast Asia Startup Landscape


Reviewing the startup landscape

Since its launch three years ago, LEVEL3 has played a role in discovering and supporting some of Southeast Asia’s top startups to collaborate with our corporate and ecosystem partners. Through the lens of LEVEL3 and Unilever, we have created a guide that we hope can shed more light on the region’s startup landscape.

The Southeast Asia Startup Landscape has been developed collaboratively by the team at LEVEL3, Padang & Co and the Unilever Foundry. 

This report has helped us gather some unique insights about the region’s startup ecosystem. It highlights the top Southeast Asian startups, identifies the region’s most promising technology areas, and spots key technology trends in the context of the FMCG industry and the Unilever Foundry’s work. The findings were structured according to LEVEL3’s five focus areas: Marketing & AdTech, Data & AI, Logistics for E-commerce, Food & AgriTech, and Sustainable Growth Tech

This is not just a landscape report; it is an invitation to begin conversations to continue building a stronger and more impactful ecosystem together. Let's continue to grow Southeast Asian startups for many years to come. 

We hope our work encourages you to join the LEVEL3 community to forge new partnerships and collaborations, so we can help Southeast Asian startups grow.

Download The Southeast Asia Startup Landscape by LEVEL3

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