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Welcome to Padang & Co.

Part A:
About Padang & Co

Part B:
Onboarding Resources

About Padang & Co.

The Pitch:
Padang & Co 

After joining Padang & Co and getting to know us, you might find yourself tongue-tied when trying to explain the company that you are now part of. It’s not your fault; our business evolves continuously.


Here are a few quick points to help you explain what we do:


The Name


[pah-dahng] • Malay

(n.): A green, open field. 

The “Padang” in our company name symbolises the Open Innovation practices we champion to help organisations come together and innovate. 


It also pays homage to our Singaporean heritage, referencing an important historical landmark in the heart of the civic quarter of Singapore.

The Padang & Co story started with Singapore’s first major public hackathon, UP Singapore, in 2012.  Since then, we have been bringing people and organisations together to solve problems, develop ideas and new solutions.  We create the environments for their creativity and innovation to emerge and flourish.


We are champions for Open Innovation. 


This means we encourage organisations to open up their view to an influx of ideas, perspectives, skills, and solutions from various sources, and leverage them to meet their innovation challenges. 

We drive the future of work and innovation.


We believe that helping large enterprises and governments fulfil their innovation ambitions to drive sustainable growth will have a major impact on this world.


We catalyse innovation in and with these organisations to solve big problems and develop opportunities, in ways that are faster, more agile and cheaper. 


We do this by matching them with tech startups and innovators, leveraging a range of Open Innovation tools and platforms, and building Communities of Interest.

We work with our corporate and governmental partners to drive sustainable growth and create a positive impact on People, Planet, and Prosperity. 


We have identified three verticals and two “horizontals” as our focus areas, because they are where we believe Open Innovation can best drive meaningful solutions. 


These are global challenges that need many organisations and people to collaborate and solve. Driving better outcomes requires experimentation and innovation across geographies and all parts of the supply chain. 


We want to ensure that we contribute positively to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in 2015, with targets to be achieved by 2030. 


There’s a lot to be done, and time is running out.

Onboarding icons v2_vision copy.png

Our Vision 

Accelerate scalable, sustainable innovation, so millions more people in Southeast Asia are nourished, healthy, productive, and economically empowered.

Onboarding icons v2_mission copy.png

Our Mission

We enable the world's largest organisations to address Southeast Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow through internal initiatives and external collaborations with innovative, agile companies.


To catalyse these collaborations, we curate thematic communities that change the way we innovate to drive sustainable growth and impact.

Our Culture

Padang & Co is a pretty cool place to work at.


Our culture is a natural product of our mission as a company, and is kept alive every day by value-driven individuals coming together to operate as a team. When we work together, we display:

Our Team

Here are the people you'll be working with. You can find out more about them here, and get to know them more during our weekly chats.


Onboarding Resources

Click on the titles to skip to each section.

Things you need to know to get you started at Padang.

Info about HR and Finance here.

Useful links for our weekly meetings.

Update your socials with Padang branding.

Access general and department-specific resources here.

Onboarding icons v2_checklist copy.png

Day 1 Checklist

Day 1 Checklist



Google Calendar

Ask your buddy to share the following:

  • Padang & Co Team Calendar

  • Padang & Co Events Calendar


Google Drive
Admin: Zi Peng

Admin: KB


A few addresses to take note:​ (Everyone) (Programme team) (Interns)





Admin: Zi Peng (ex)

Office (Blk 71)


  • Wifi: #03-01

  • Password: GP@launchpad

Printing Setup 
​Guide to set-up and use can be found in this manual


Add your birthday to the birthday Google Sheet!

Company Profile Photo

For full-timers, please contact to schedule a company profile photo

Internal Memo

Onboarding icons v2_admin copy.png

Administrative Systems

Admin & HR


Onboarding for remuneration

New employee onboarding form

For finance matters, contact


*Only for full-time employees.

We've created an account for you on Talenox HR where you will be able to access your payslips and apply for leave, including medical and hospitalisation leave. Please log in and update your profile information and particulars. 

If you have not been invited, contact Jason.

Annual Leaves

If you are taking leave:

  1. Add a card under the first column of our Trello

  2. Block it out on the team Google Calendar

  3. Apply for leave in Talenox

For Interns

If you need to make claims or take leaves, let your supervisor know.

Staff Benefits

*Only for confirmed full-time employees.

Current standard contractual entitlements

Per calendar year

  • $300 towards medical outpatient expenses

  • $200 towards dental - 85% of the expense
    Instead of outpatient and dental, you can use that once annually towards insurance.

Other allowances​


  • $700 towards a newly purchased computer (new or refurbished) (once every 3 years)

  • $500 towards learning and development
    Plus up to 3 days off for the course


Leave / Off

  • 15 days annual leave (carry forward no more than 3 days till 31 March)

  • 14 days sick leave (additional 46 days if hospitalised)

  • 5 days compassionate leave (after 1 year)

  • Childcare leave as per MOM

  • Maternity / Paternity leave as per MOM

  • Off in lieu - must be used in the current calendar year

  • 1 volunteer day - for own volunteer work

  • Company closure  - 25th Dec - 1st Jan (use your ‘off in lieu’, otherwise it will be gone!)


Flexible working

  •  Case by case basis

Onboarding icons v2_meetings copy.png

Weekly Meetings

Weekly Meetings


9 - 9:30AM

WIP Meeting 

Trello Board

Weekly updates on all projects and news


9 - 9:30AM

Celebration of Week's Wins

Wins of the Week Tracker

Sharing session of your weekly highlights.

Onboarding icons v2_profile copy.png



Email Signature


Step 1: Go to settings in your Gmail Account

Step 2: Press General tab 

Step 3: Copy and paste the signature below in the signature box


PADANG & CO | Block 71, Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-01, Singapore 139951 
M +65 <Insert mobile number> | <Insert email add> | <insert linkedin link>

View our Padang Newsletter

LinkedIn Banner


We’ve created a generic SDG LinkedIn Banner for the Padang team. We encourage you to write a post on 3 SDGs* that you want to engage in. This will get your followers to think and talk about SDGs although our target audience priority is corporates. 


*Please align your SDGs with Padang’s pillar.

Find out more about the Countdown to 2030

Videocall Background


We’ve created a zoom background for the Padang team. We encourage you to use this background during a video call with the company.

Hive team can also download their from the same link.

marketing kit

Communities Outreach and Marketing Kit

Comms Trello Board

Workflow and tracker for weekly catch ups

Comms Dashboard

Essentially a ‘Table of Contents’. Compiled links to everything related to Marketing and Communications Outreach including ongoing and past projects.


Our Web Analytics Sheet to key in monthly stats for various sites and newsletters.


Communities/PIE Folder

Central Google Drive folder for all past, present and future events and activities. 

Communities Templates 

Folder of templates for event banners, thumbnails, etc.


Projects Folder

Central Google Drive folder for all past, present and future projects.

Comms Templates

Folder of copy and conversation calendar templates used in Marketing and Communications Outreach.

creative services

Creative Services

Creative SOP

A slide deck of useful information including Users & Passwords, Collateral Dimensions, Centralised Resources (for Padang and Hubs), Project Folders, SOP, Event Documentation (Photo and Video), Animation / Highlight Reel / Promo Video



Daily Task Tracker

Creative Project Documentation

Accounts & Subscriptions 

Please note all subscriptions on this Google Sheet.

creative-comms kit

Creative and

Communication Kit

From brand assets, guidelines to photos - find most resources here.

If you have any questions, feel free to approach the Creative Team directly or send an email to



Trello Board
Document for the programmes and marketing teams to update each other on resources and deliverables upcoming for the next couple of weeks.


Accounts & Subscriptions 

Please note all subscriptions on this Google Sheet.

Template To-do List

Refer to this sheet for the template and example of the to-do list.

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