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We believe in learning together.


The aim for this newsletter is to cover the breath of our innovation initiatives, along with the lessons and impact that we have uncovered.


August 2021

Alibaba Cloud Accelerator, Better PPE Design, and more Corporate Innovation Highlights


July 2021

Built Environment, Agri Data and Insights, and more Corporate Innovation highlights


June 2021

Carbon Neutrality, Supply Chain Traceability, and more Corporate Innovation highlights


May 2021

Nutrition, Mental Health, and more Corporate Innovation highlights.


April 2021

Padang & Co Corporate Innovation highlights: The Israeli and Dutch Experiences, and more!


March 2021

Padang & Co Corporate Innovation highlights: Agripreneurship, Wearable Devices, Sustainability, and more.

JT_Reboot 2020_Banner_25062020_Logo.png

"Reboot 2020: Tech Innovations for Sustainable Growth" is a series by Padang & Co to detect signals and discuss emerging trends arising from the COVID-19 crisis. We will consider how these technology innovations could get us back on track for sustainable growth. 

At the same time, we are aware technology itself is not enough. It will also take the ingenuity of innovators — both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs — to solve problems, many made worse by the unfolding crisis. We believe there are many opportunities for these innovators to help the world meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 


This series will focus on areas we at Padang & Co are most concerned about — Food & Agriculture, Smarter Cities, and Health; with two themes, Sustainability and Data & AI, cutting across them.


Predicting the future is tricky at the best of times. We welcome your inputs in making sense of the world today and tomorrow.

REBOOT 2O2O  |  Health



We are curious about the impact the pandemic would have on the global healthcare sector and the consequent impact on the Southeast Asian ecosystem. This article will examine the role digitalisation has played in the healthcare space, specifically in relation to information sources, digital health experiences, and the role of data in a public health crisis.

REBOOT 2O2O  |  Food & Agriculture

Rebooting Food


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only exposed, but enlarged the cracks within our fragile food systems. In a climate characterised by frequent and rapid change, we have the opportunity to rethink our global food systems to be more sustainable and resilient. This piece explores how we can enable a more sustainable and resilient food system in terms of better supply, quality, and diversity, from farm to table.

REBOOT 2O2O  |  Smarter Cities

Moving our


The COVID-19 pandemic made us change the way we work and the way we travel to work. Reducing

non-essential travel for safety reasons revealed a painfully simply solution to Southeast Asia's peak-hour traffic problem. As we learn more from our experience working from home, we believe that the way the workforce commute is also set to change. We also believe startups can lead this transformation.

REBOOT 2O2O  |  Food & Agriculture

Building tomorrow's food systems

Despite the importance of smallholder farmers to the food supply chain, they are vulnerable to challenges on multiple fronts, all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This piece examines how supporting Smallholder AgriTech can solve these problems and help create better livelihoods for smallholders, stronger agribusinesses, a more resilient food supply chain, and safer, more nutritious food.



Deal Friday is a platform for dealmaking opportunities between global startups, investors and corporates to maximise commercial success in forging investment deals, co-innovation opportunities and business partnerships. 

Padang & Co is proud to be the key organising partner for Deal Friday session on Food & Agritech, a platform jointly organised by Enterprise Singapore and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

DEAL FRIDAY | Food & Agriculture

Food & Agritech innovation and startups in SEA

Padang & Co's Executive Chairman, Adam A.Lyle provided an overview of food and agritech innovation and startups in SEA. 

DEAL FRIDAY | Sustainability

Waste and 

Padang & Co’s Executive Chairman, Adam A.Lyle, shared trends and notable startups in Energy, Waste and Water, and his thoughts on the implications for sustainable growth.

Food & Agriculture

The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series

The Grow Asia Digital Learning Series brings together corporate leaders, AgriTech startups and ecosystem enablers to discuss and learn about emerging technologies, as well as to uncover opportunities for scalable, impactful digital solutions that could be adopted by smallholder farmers.


The Southeast Asia

Startup landscape


LEVEL3 has played a role in discovering and supporting some of Southeast Asia’s top startups to collaborate with our corporate and ecosystem partners.


Through the lens of LEVEL3 and Unilever, we have created a guide that we hope can shed more light on the region’s startup landscape.


Our name “Padang” means “open field”. Over the past five years, upwards of 100 corporations and government agencies and over 1,000 startups and 10,000 citizen-innovators have taken to this “field” and collaborated with each other like never before. The Padang Cast gathers their stories of successes and learnings from experimentations, and generates conversations on why and how Ecosystem Innovation is the next level of Open Innovation.


The Making of the LEVEL3 Ecosystem

A conversation between Padang & Co and Barbara Guerpillon of Unilever Foundry on the conception of the first-of-its-kind enterprise-led coworking space, LEVEL3. Two years on, we have developed an ecosystem of like-minded corporates and startups, connecting and creating new opportunities to pilot and scale new solutions for real business problems. What are the key lessons in making such an ecosystem thrive?


Corporate Ecosystem of LEVEL3

A conversation between Padang & Co and two of LEVEL3’s Corporate Partners, Syngenta and WPP. They discuss the stories behind the founding of each partner’s innovation team, the innovation journeys thus far, and how LEVEL3 has become a catalyst for these collaboration and experimentations. Tune in to explore how corporates are getting involved with innovation.


From Startups to Scale-ups via LEVEL3

A conversation with startups that are scaling their business with LEVEL3 corporate partners. Find out how the entrepreneurs develop the relationships, starting with coffee chats, to help them discover and even co-create those business opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to. How has being part of the LEVEL3 ecosystem helped them?


Discovering the Microsoft Partner Network

A conversation with Padang & Co and Microsoft. Learn more about the mindset behind Microsoft Partners Network, and the unique approach they employ in partnering with startups and developing long-term, synergistic relationships with them.

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Deal Friday
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